Holidays in Paris? Opt for a cooking course

How to Choose a Good Baguette Class in Paris

There is a lot of food to discover in Paris. If you are visiting for a month-long holiday, you have plenty of time to explore the city’s culinary dishes and learn how to make them. The Baguette, a French staple bread, is a great place to start. It is packed in baskets or lined-up on bakery counters on streets and restaurants where it is served with a range of foods. You can learn how to make this iconic French bread by joining one of the many baguette classes in Paris. This way, you will have an opportunity to get a better understanding of the art of preparing and cooking the baguette while learning a few bakery secrets that give this bread its authenticity. Culinary classes have grown over the years, so you want to choose one that provides all the nitty-gritty of preparing baguette. Here are things you should look at when enrolling for a class.

Lessons Offered in English

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The dominant language in Paris is French. So, if you are not a native, you want a class that offers culinary classes in English. Check with the baking instructor before signing up.

Provides Technical Details

Preparing Baguette is somewhat technical. As such, the baking instructor should be ready to take you through the technical details of the entire baking process- mixing, scarification and adding water to the oven during baking. If you are taking classes in a bakery that offers culinary classes, choose one that has a blue and yellow sticker with the words ‘Artisan Boulanger.’ It means the bread is prepared on the premises. This way, you are sure to get first-hand information on how to bake a baguette.

Learn How to Make Different Types of Baguette

To explain the basics of this famous French baguette, you need take bread class in paris. It should also offer hands-on experience of preparing the three types of baguette, the Parisse, classic baguette and reworked baguette.